Monday, February 16, 2009



Its 14 Feb all couples getting ready to go out of station or restaurants, but its also a Saturday which means its our group meeting day. So I called sanket what’s plan for a day where are we going to meet and who all , where means Shivaji park or something else. As it was like three Saturdays I had missed. But it was valentine means all the married ones will be busy. We called vinod he said no for the first time he said I want to be with his wife, otherwise he is only person always ready to go anywhere. We called parimal he too busy. So now only sanket myself and Deepak left. So we thought instead of calling Deepak here we will go to Thane In sanket swift as it was no use calling Deepak all over here. But then again change in plan Deepak said no, so meet was cancelled only sanket and myself left, so I told him lets go to Nalasopara Dhaba and hog some chicken out there. We decided and fixed the time & I told him just ask Deepak if he interested, but again change in plan Deepak said lets go to Lonavala he was not ready to to meet but ready For long ride. So at last after talking blah blah blah, it was decided for small ride to Lonavala.

It was planned to go early so we can come back early, so I told sanket and we fixed to start off at 9.30, I got ready by 9pm as I went upstairs to sanket place he told Deepak having dinner and sanket too and I was left alone as no one was at my place so dinner for me so I planned to eat something on the way. At last Deepak called and told us to meet at palm beach road. We all geared up I loaded my music helmet my favourite Artic jacket which is mostly used by Prasad on his ride. But I never got my gloves I don’t remember where I kept them. Any way we left at 10pm. As we crossed sion, too much traffic at that time, I was also wearing helmet so all the people around us wear just starring as they frequently rarely see a pillion riding with helmet. As we were crossing chembur sanket showed a sign written on truck, I missed my camera there this must be first time I went for ride without a camera, so what was written on the truck POWER BRAKE ohh this is correct so it was written “POWER BRKE”. So now finally we reached Palm beach road around 11pm it took us almost 1hr from dadar. We met Deepak, then he told he will lead as he got awesome hid, and we started our journey, after some time we were on highway enjoying the cold weather the smell of the soil out of Mumbai is totally different, I was just enjoying each and every second of it, now we were near Khopoli and suddenly Deepak took left on some dhaba we stopped as I was not only onenot had dinner, people there were looking at us as some bright light came towards then and we fully geared.

Finally we stopped we sat outside only as it was crowded in there and the owner of the dhaba asked only three of you, Deepak answered yeah all busy with there wife, so I came to know last week too all of them had came there. We ordered chicken and shev bhaji & naan. Deepak Sanket & me were cracking jokes, and then suddenly he asked me about dhaba as sanket told this is not same dhaba as they used to come here. I had visited here 2 yrs back as I looked inside I thought its same but from outside it was completely different, so we went and asked the owner whose name is Laxman he said he renewed the outer version so Deepak was right its the same dhaba. So I went and paid the money as I was paying he gave me 10 rs off and gave his card and told whenever we visit meet him up. We paid and again started our journey towards lonavala. But before that I hooked up some reflector jacket Deepak had bought I was looking like constructor worker out on the bike.

And then there I started to remember my old days the old ghat road towards lonavala the temple which you visit in between nice old days came in front of me, as we were climbing it was getting colder and colder, and in between Deepak vanished I think he was enjoying the curves he use to speed up and then use to go and stop ahead for us. As we were going up we stopped at one curve to enjoy the ghat area with Deepak hid on and with his mobile cam we did some autography means photography that time I really missed my camera it was nice shot for long exposure. At last at 1am we reached lonavla Deepak took right and stopped near the start of amby valley which I have never seen it only heard from these guys but it was too late to go there as I wanted to come back before 4am, so finally we dropped our plan and we stopped to have nice garam chai. This is the same spot I remember when I had gone with Prasad parimal sanket to pune.

Again started our journey back to Mumbai again enjoying the curves location weather and there we were back by 3.45am. It was nice ride after many months but this was without a single photo taken by me but some from Deepak camera. Enjoy.