Monday, April 26, 2010

April 25 Dadar Flower market

Its been a year now i have not written anything so thought of writing something, I will be completing one year with Mumbai weekend Shoot group on flickr. This is the group where all kind of people come toghether on sunday morning s for a photography shoot, all are from different proffession. So this shoot was decide one week back on flickr as on our post people suggest and vote for a certain location, so on April 25th 2010. it was decided Dadar Flower Market . I was happy as this location was the closet till now for me hardly 10 min from my home. So time was decided and it was 6:30am. As saturday came I just kept my camera for charging 2 batteries full charged and 6GB worth memory cards, I alredy knew i will not get much shots not more than 50 as that area is really crowded and we were expecting 30+ from MWS group.
Sunday night all ready camera batteries my macro filters polariser everything , alarm goes on
at 5.30am i just yurn it off as i though i stay so close why i need to wake up so early so I went to
sleep and then all of sudden i woke up and it was 6:05am I said ohh i am late, just got ready in
what 15min i guess and started my journey, when I stepped out it was so bright thought like its 8am
already. All were going to meet near kamat restaurant. And as uaval I am on time from dot 6:30am
don’t like to be late. I see my friends out there, all excited so we wait for few more min. for others.
Then its decided that we all go our own way and come back around 7.30am back near kamat for
group photo and after that go for breakfast which Shishir our main foodie guy decides. Ohh did I forgot something, yeah the chocaltes its our rule new members who join has to bring chocaltes for all and introduce others. I got almost 10 yummy. There was a theme for the shoot and it was Freshness and Texture. So all busy clicking people just started looking at us and asking which magazine which paper konsa channel and i tell them its hobby. They smile give poses but i don’t like them lookin gin camera so I just first go around the area feel it and then start to shoot some shouting dont click some telling click this that its fun, I start to click get some street photos then start to click only flowers take out my macro filter and there I start to click only closeups. You need to be really fast as it was really crowded and at 7am it was pretty hot and humid thats how we were loosing our energy so fast. After what I guess 50 photos I stopped clicking and it was already 7:30am i went back to Kamat people shouting salil get ready for group photo and no body had tripod so somebody had to click without coming in the photo, now we had so big group next question was who has wide angle lens hellooooooooo does anybody ahas 18mm, 10 can work much better. I think we got 18mm and there we posing and got a group shot, again some one shouting ( ashwin and ameya ) wait they are clicking from above the bridge there we got one more group shot. Now question was where to have breakfast as so early nothing was open rather than Sri Krishana wada wala. We planned to go matunga to have south indian but i guess it was far so dropped the idea went to sri Krishana had wada, soft driinks talked for while and all again back to there home work. It was amazing sunday with few photos clicked. Enjoy